There are a number of things to keep in mind when designing and building your outdoor space.  Here’s a few tricks of the trade that will help ensure the end result lives up to your expectations.

1.  “What do I want to use this space for?”

This is the first question you need to ask yourself when planning your new outdoor space.  Your answer will help determine the size of the space required in order to meet your needs.

2.  Let it drain….

Be sure to take drainage of the site into consideration during the design phase of your project.  Once construction is complete, access will be limited.

3.  It’s all about the space

A well laid deck will stand the test of time.  To ensure a great looking result, decking boards should be spaced evenly from start to finish – care and consistency makes all the difference.

4.  For low maintenance types

It’s best to opt for a hard wood timber species.  Many hard wood species can be left untreated without fear of deterioration, weathering to a “distinguished” silver grey.

5.  Do it by the book!

Building standards exist for a reason.  TOTAL DECKING always uses approved materials, hardware and construction techniques to best suit each individual project.